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The project 100NotSorry is an exercise on the execution of the artistic activity realized in the private and the public sphere by individuals who aim to transform their activities into their main contribution to society. The work and the interaction of these artists within their societies may take different roads, but the private and public aspect of their production is a border than it is not always crossed.

As cultural theorist and filmmaker Trihn Min-ha has pointed out, the political configuration of our bodies affects/molds the internal perception of the world. Over this, value of labor is relative and responds to hierarchical organization and historical processes. “(in general) the situation of women does not favor literary productivity is to imply that it is almost impossible for them (and specially for those bound up with the Third World) to engage in writing as an occupation without their letting themselves be consumed by a deep and pervasive sense of guilt. Guilt over the selfishness implied in such activity, over themselves as housewives and “women”, over their families, over their friends, and all other “less fortunate” women. The circle in which they turn proves to be vicious, and writing in such a context is always practiced at the cost of other women’s labor” Min-ha describes a particular self-punishment practiced by an individual who attempts to cross multiple borders in terms of labor, gender, class, nationality: guilt, but even when/if this is not executed from the outside world, the individual responds yet to an internalized hierarchy which may define the crossing of the private practice/public practice border. The project’s name indicate a counter-act against guilt but still implies its existence.

100NotSorry is made of 100 pieces of work, all from different nature, realized by the artist and published (made public) via online platforms or/and physically distributed in British Columbia.  The works range in different aspects of complexity. More than a public sketchbook focused  on developing a skill or conceptual notes for a larger work, the project showcases pieces that are organized into the single reason to publish/be public.

“To capture a publisher’s attention, to convince, to negotiate) these constitute one step forward into the world of writers, one distress, one guilt. One guilt among the many yet to come, all of which bide their time to loom up out of their hiding places, for the path is long and there is an ambush at every turn. Writing: not letting it merely haunt you and die over and over again in you until you no longer know how to speak”





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