“Il representant un serpent boa qui digerait une biblioteque”


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The installation insinuates a moment when modernist knowledge gets destroyed not by men (or women, nor a social group or the oppressed themselves) but by natural processes of decay and the consumption of non-human entities over plant derivates such as paper. The structure looks like a pile of books being devoured by a plant. The selected books for the installation are compendiums of knowledge (encyclopedias and travelers journals). The title “Il representant un serpent boa qui digerait une biblioteque” is a variation of the line “It represents a boa snake digesting an elephant” from 1943’s The Little Prince, a book which primarily asks for a tender imagination from its readers to build bridges in the fantasy of its content.

The climbing plant chosen for the project is the Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s Ivy) a plant that is commonly known in Spanish as Boa due to its climbing plant nature.

Exhibition at Sur Gallery – Toronto

Exhibition at PLUG-IN ICA Winnipeg