Naturalis Historia

Naturalis Historia is an exhibition by Stephanie Duran Castillo that portrays through the act of ritual consumption, as an inter-species mode of relationship, the political remnants of modernism and the uprising of alternative modes of thinking. Weaving between anthropology, humanism and ecology, the installation offers to oppose sanitized and compartmentalized views of consumption. Human’s omnivore diet of fungi, plants and animals is extended to the consumption of another human bodies in figurative and literal ways. Although discourses of Anthropophagy as such remain framed into societies geographically organized as periphery –from the West-, the free circulation and consumption of knowledge and emotionality promoted from the hegemonic cultures constitute a source of aliment in the subjected societies. Modernity and its remnants (either trans/post/alter) turn into food for who feels hunger. As consumption should occur for live to continue, noneless the salubrity of the aliment, communal eating becomes a ritual that celebrates life and unifies a community.