“You can’t choreograph death, but you can choreograph your funeral” – M. Abramovic

The Shyness Project departs from the physical/mental exploration of the boundaries of shyness and its relation with the production of artistic expression. The project is build from a group of physical and mental practices and routines which create artistic works as derivatives (keep reading)

The second result of this set of exercises was edited  into “Chiririnka”. Like the chiririnka, the work is not about death, but of the sensation of an animal who can smell their own execution. A particular reason is confessed “I have lied in the beasts bed” (so I will get killed). This conviction makes the subject to throb fast and keep open their eyes to witness their executing blow. The drawings where digitally scratched, the designs were based on repetition and the rhythm is fast paced convey such certainty and anxiety.

*A chiririnka is a dark fly, the omen of death in the Andean cosmovision as told by Amauta Jose Maria Arguedas in his short story  “Rasu-Ñiti’s Agony” (1962).

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